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In a post on the OCA student EyV chat page on 14Jan19, I offered the view that,

I have only completed two assignments so far, but my early conclusion is that you should abide by the Assignment Brief for the number of prints and the word count.
Other than that, as long as you submit photographs you are proud of and can explain your choice of subject and presentation cogently, you can do pretty much what you please. post

I thought I might put this to the test. I have built up a sizeable list of other students' web sites and intend to run a rudimentary analysis of their choices of subjects and approaches. I cannot see anything in the Regulations that would discourage this.

This snapshot of sites' content was started on 16Jan19. Once complete (if that happens) it is unlikely to be updated with work in progress. Note that the descriptions are usually mine not the artists' and I apologise in advance if any are considered inappropriate, inadequate or inaccurate (I added this sentence after describing Anthony's set for Asg. 3 as "dilapidation").

Student Asg. 1 Square Mile Asg. 2 Collecting Asg. 3 Decisive Mt. Asg. 4 Languages of Light Asg. 5 Photography is simple Notes
me commuting a church protest (B&W) perhaps the Barbican -  
Al Liverpool nightlife commercial buildings at night Paris (B&W) artificial light, exterior, nighttime global technology EyV completed Sep17
Alan semi rural France (?) Canada faces at Winterlude graffiti with people garage forecourts at night snow EyV completed Jan19
Amanda South Woodham Ferrers portraits, twins a wedding (B&W) exterior, nighttime a husband's roles (no images) no images for Asg. 5
Andrew Glossop, mostly rural archaeological artifacts       Asg. 2 completed Jan19
Andy Wolverhampton (B&W)         nothing found after Asg. 1 dated Jun16
Anthony Bury, Lancs at night heads, family (B&W) dilapidation Guy Fawkes Night, some fireworks Signs and some buildings EyV completed May17. Anthony also has a set of links to OCA sites.
Antony (hash brown) park at night London, motion blur       Asg. 2 dated Sep18
Anon (517401) "left out" May Bumps, rowing "choosing" portraits with reactions to Brexit old age Eyv completed Nov 18
Asha urban Sweden, many reflections woodland closeups handled fireworks     Nothing after Asg. 3, no date found
Barry           Barry is on Identity and Place, EyV not found.
Claire Lowestoft         Asg. 1 is dated Oct18.
Colin Redcar ? street photography Newcastle upon Tyne architecture and statues Tees Cottage Pumping StationĀ  EyV completed Nov18. Small images, difficult to interpret
Crispywhittle locality French farm "Looking and Not Looking" Durham at night glassware EyV completed Feb16
David portraits of neighbours pillboxes (military)       Asg. 2 completed Dec18
Debra Littlehampton Behind Glass before and after portraits, stylised lighting Brighton, day out EyV completed Sep18
Derek Edinburgh         Asg. 1 completed Dec18
Des Paris navels       possibly lapsed, last date found, 2016.

Once again, I am running the risk of being disrespectful. On 517401's depiction of his/her mother, I thought anything more descriptive than "old age" would be presumptuous on my part. In my defence, in the interests of full disclosure, my mother is currently (16Jan19) 98 and recently moved into a care home.
517401 refers to "my wife" while discussing Asg. 3.

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