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Context & Narrative

As noted in the Preamble,

I intend to work through C&N more quickly than EyV. As a starting point, I will allocate one month for each of the five Parts interspersed with another month for each of the five Assignments. Thus, Part 1 December, Asg. 1 January, Part 2 February etc. This will allow contingency for the Parts to overlap with the Assignment months, but I will aim to deliver the Asgs at the end of Jan 2020, March, May, July and September. The work arrangements will not change from EyV . Preamble

Expressing your vision

My tutor suggested spacing the elements of the course about 10 weeks apart. I finished the course starter, Square Mile (SqM), yesterday (20th July 2018) and so I'll aim for the end of October for the next date. (I will not be submitting SqM until September because my tutor is tied up with her doctoral thesis until then.)

[3Dec18] When feeding back on Asg. 1, my tutor suggested that Asg.2 be submitted on 1st December and this is what happened. I suggested 3 months for Asg.3 and this was agreed.

If we stick with three months per Asg the the last will be due on 1st Sep 19. The assessment regulations are reproduced below.

The list is:

Assignment Started Completed Due / Submitted Feedback
Asg 1. Square Mile
17 Jun 18
20 Jul 18
1 Sep 18
15 Sep 18
Part 1. From that moment
22 Jul 18
11 Aug 18
2 Oct 18
Part 2. Imaginative spaces
15 Aug 18
3 Sep 18
Asg 2. Collecting
20 Aug 18
30 Nov 18
1 Dec 18
10 Dec 18
Part 3. Traces of time
1 Oct 18
10 Dec 18
11 Mar 19
Asg 3. The Decisive Moment
9 Dec 18
25 Feb 19
1 Mar 19
11 Mar 19
Part 4. The language of light
24 Dec 18
Asg 4. Languages of Light
17 Mar 19
29 Jun 19
1 Jul 19
8 Jul 19
Part 5. Viewpoint
27 Apr 19
Asg 5. Photography is simple
15 Jul 19
1 Oct 19

Submitting assignments

Page 15 of the EyV course material states,

Email or otherwise electronically transfer your photographs to your tutor in the following
1500 pixels along the longest edge
Adobe (1998) colour profile, RGB jpegs
(EyV p. 15)

There is a video here on submitting them.

Coventry U.'s flavour of Harvard Referencing is here.

Assessment Boards

Document B of the Student Regulations states (in part),

3.3 Timing of assessment events and Boards of Examiners

Assessments for undergraduate courses take place three times a year. These events normally take place in March, July and November.

The deadline dates for receipt of undergraduate Assessment Application Forms and the subsequent submissions are as follows:

Three Boards of Examiners take place each year, one after each assessment event.

Students may apply for formal assessment when they have completed the penultimate assignment of their current unit. All the assignments completed by students as part of their course work are formative; however, the same pieces of work (as revised) form the core of the work submitted for the summative assessment event (see Section 3.1).

Students are directed towards the next available assessment event following submission of their final assignment – but have an option to defer to the subsequent event (a further 4 months thence). Students not submitting their work for assessment by four weeks before the deadline for the second event following completion of their final assignment will be contacted and advised of the consequences of failing to submit their work for assessment.

If a student does not submit their work for assessment for the second event after completion of course work – and has not been awarded deferred assessment (see next section) – they lose the right to obtain the credits for that unit.

Should they wish to opt back into a degree pathway at a future time it is possible that the work they undertook for the earlier, unassessed unit could be used to support an APEL application; but that would be considered on its own merits using the criteria for accreditation, as defined.

Student Regulations 2017-18

Progression and Degree Classification

Document B of the Student Regulations states (in part),

4.1 Progression

Paul Vincent post
Paul Vincent post

Undergraduate degrees have three stages: (Levels 1, 2 and 3 …), as described in Section 2.2. A student must pass all the relevant units at each Level in order to progress to the next Level.

In June 2019, Paul Vincent, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at OCA posted this useful contribution on the 12 years' maximum duration of the course.

5. Awards (paraphrased)

Student Regulations 2017-18

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