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The initial banner image was a shot of Eltham Palace. I took this on film years ago. It was uploaded to Flickr in 2006. It will be replaced when I take a suitably-shaped image for the course.
[30Jun18] V2 of the banner, currently WIP is one of the Rush Hour shots.
[25Oct18] Trying Partial Self Portrait. It works reasonably well on my phone, now waiting for it to load on tablet and laptop.
[19Jan19] St Stephen's mural has been in place for a while. Time for further experimentation, starting with Brighton Pier. The one from the British Museum.
[4May19] Playing with a Barbican shot.

[2Nov19] Lavender field

Partial Self portrait, 2018 St Stephen Banner Banner Barbican Child in Lavender field, Asg. 5 After Goehr's Brandt
1. Eltham Palace, taken 2006
2. Rush Hour
3. Tower Bridge, wouldn't fit
4. Partial Self portrait, 2018
5,6. St Stephen mural
7. Brighton pier
8. British Museum
9. Barbican
10. Child in Lavender field, EyV Asg. 5
11-12. Cinema (Pt1), Toes (Asg1) C&N
13 After Goehr's Brandt
14 On LPE Asg.2 C&N Asg.3

Note to self, to change the image, edit /resources/style.css header. The image should be 1100 pix wide. BrMus and Barbican are 1200x330.


Reformatting by Favicomatic. The initial logo is a detail from St Martin-in-the-Fields East Window.


The fonts used on the site are:
(a) Open Sans by Steve Matteson from Google Fonts under Apache Licence.
(b) Abril Fatface from TypeTogether for the headings.
(c) Macondo Swash Caps by John Vargas Beltrán for the drop caps (as used on About).
(d) Special Elite by Astigmatic for the block qutoes.
(e) Futura Bold Oblique for a piece on Barbara Kruger from oNline Web Fonts

Web Design

85% of the input came from Clarissa Pearson's Learning Responsive Web Design.

Random Gallery

The code for the random image display was provided by William Bontrager. Posted in 2002, there are many later and slicker versions but this is the easiest to understand and to implement.

Smaller things

Floating back to top from

Lightbox from

<HR> horizontal rule from

The red text box was used on C&N Asg.2 submission.



Wikipedia on footnotes *, , , §, , .

Schott on footnotes

Incidentally, three dots is a horizontal ellipsis … (&#133; or &hellip;). and <span style="colour:red">&dagger;</span>.
Long dash — &mdash;
æ - &aelig;

Highlighting from link This text is highlighted in yellow. <span style="background-color: #FFFF00">This text is highlighted in yellow.</span>

Centred paragraph (<p style="text-align:center">).

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