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As I wrote in the blog in January 2020,

Following a series of links into PetaPixel today, I alighted on a 2016 piece by Neal Rantoul (i) (a retired educator) where he takes issue with some recent (well, the last 20 years) trends in photography.
There has been a fair amount of that recently (well, there probably always has been, but I am just paying more attention) and so I might statrt a page in my Misc section.

The thrust of the piece is that
1. digital has deskilled photography and so whereas phot degree courses used to spend a couple of years grounding students in its technical aspects, that is no longer neceassary.
2. this means that the three (or however many) years contain much more theorising.
3. and that in turn has resulted in grad shows with technically 'poor' photographs (in the classical sense) that require lengthy explanations (which sometimes amounts to sermonising) for the viewer rather than a straightforward wall of framed photographs with brief titles and a short bio.

(i) Rantoul, N (2016) Opinion: A Disturbing Trend in Photography [online]. Available from [Accessed 25 January 2020].


I'll add to this when time allows, but let me clarify that certainly by age and to a certain extent by inclination, I am a fogey.



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