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[12Dec20] There are currently (at least) four books pages on the site — the original books; the sources pages; books for I&P; and the Standard Six. This needs sorting out, but in the meantime, this is a crosslink.

[16Dec] A solution is under way. A new WP website has been created, BAPhotRef (perhaps I should have gone for Refs, but it's too late now, that £1 is spent). I am in the process of transferring all the data from sources and will then carry on the capture the indeces of the Standard Six, the course recommended reading list and other favourites and new acquisitions - WP is quite good at searching but a more useful display of the results might be sought.


[16Mar21] One to add to the Std6 is Graham Clarke's The photograph. It has the winning combination of a pedigree; a (brief-ish) opinion on most things; and a comprehensive index.

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[31Oct20] This is a key improvement over previous years, an online annotated list of sources. They are divided into:

Essential - Recommended - Journals - Websites

Here's a pdf of references from the OCA page.


Essential Reading
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Essential Reading

Train your gaze: a practical and theoretical introduction to portrait photography - Roswell Angier, 2015. I have the first edition, 2007

Photography: the key concepts - David Bate, 2009. Bought during EyV and one of the Standard Six.

Art and photography - 2012, David Campany. The first, 2003, edition which some regard as more detailed (I seem to recall from Amazon comments).

Behind the image: research in photography - Anna Fox, Natasha Caruana, 2012. Bought for C&N.

The theatre of the face: portrait photography since 1900 - Max Kozloff, 2007. In the post, as at 3Nov20, with two other Kozloff books.

Basic critical theory for photographers - Ashley La Grange, 2005. Bought during C&N, Std6.

Langford's basic photography: the guide for serious photographers - Michael John Langford, Anna Fox, Richard Sawdon Smith, 2010. Bought during EyV.

On photography - Susan Sontag, 2008. I prefer to use Epstein's commentary (2017).

Photography: a cultural history - Mary Warner Marien, 2010. Bought during C&N.

Photography: a critical introduction - Liz Wells, 2009. Bought for C&N.

Recommended Reading-
Recommended Reading-
Recommended Reading
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Recommended Reading

Perspectives on place: theory and practice in landscape photography - Jesse Alexander, 2015. On the shopping list.

About looking - John Berger, 2015. I guess I ought to buy this, and Ways of seeing (2008). I have his Understanding a photograph (2013).

Tracing echoes - Nicky Bird, 2001. I do not rate Bird's work very highly and will not be buying this.

The contest of meaning: critical histories of photography - Richard Bolton, 1992. Bought 3Nov20, £10.58.

Unknown City: Contesting Architecture and Social Space : a Strangely Familiar Project - Iain; Kerr Borden, 2002. On the Amazon wishlist.

Art photography now - Susan Bright, 2011. Bought during C&N

Portraiture - Richard Brilliant, 1991

The portrait in photography - Graham Clarke, ProQuest (Firm), 1992. Watchlisted.

Street & studio: an urban history of photography - Ute Eskildsen, Florian Ebner, Bettina Kaufmann, Tate Modern (Gallery), 2008. Bought during C&N and recommended by my C&N tutor.

Face: the new photographic portrait - William A. Ewing, Nathalie Herschdorfer, 2008. Wishlist.

Typologies: nine contemporary photographers - Marc Freidus, James Lingwood, Rod Slemmons, Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1991. In the post. And see the Typologies page.

Species of spaces and other pieces - Georges Perec, John Sturrock, 2008. I might rely upon other people's commentaries.

Post-photography: the artist with a camera - Robert Shore, 2014. No rush on this one.

The burden of representation: essays on photographies and histories - John Tagg, 1993

The photography reader - Liz Wells, 2019. Bought during C&N.

How we are: photographing Britain : from the 1840s to the present - Val Williams, Susan Bright, Tate Britain (Gallery), 2007

Uncommon Places - Stephen Shore, 2005-06-15. No rush.

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Photography and Culture




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7.7 -

1000 Words -

American Suburb X -

FlakPhoto -

The Guardian Photography -

International Center of Photography -

La Lettre de la Photographie -

lensculture -

Science and Media Museum -

Perspectives on Place -

Photomonitor -

Photoparley -

Tate -

The Telegraph -

V&A -



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