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[2Nov] This first arose in relation to C&N Asg.3, when I wrote,

I wonder how long we students will be able to deploy the excuse, 'well that's what I would have photographed, were it not for virus restrictions'. I am currently in debt to the tune of one shot of the Crown Jewels for Asg.2 and now one shot on the security cameras in Lidl's Bromley for Asg.3. C&N Asg.3

This is the current log of tasks outstanding.



Asg.2 Forbidden Zones - crown jewels.

Asg. 3 Self portraits - after Vivian Maier shop security mirror. Taken April 2020 in Lidl's.


Armed police for Exc. 1.3, Typologies. Probably at Kings Cross Station.

Phurtive Photography for Exc. 2.2 Covert - awaiting the return of café society, indoors and out.

One location or background, five different subjects, Exc. 2.4.


V&A Library - look at Typologies: nine contemporary photographers - bought 1Nov20, see Typologies page.



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