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[2Nov] This first arose in relation to C&N Asg.3, when I wrote,

I wonder how long we students will be able to deploy the excuse, 'well that's what I would have photographed, were it not for virus restrictions'. I am currently in debt to the tune of one shot of the Crown Jewels for Asg.2 and now one shot on the security cameras in Lidl's Bromley for Asg.3. C&N Asg.3

This is the current log of tasks outstanding.



Asg.2 Forbidden Zones - crown jewels.

Asg. 3 Self portraits - after Vivian Maier shop security mirror. Taken April 2020 in Lidl's.


Armed police for Exc. 1.3, Typologies. Probably at Kings Cross Station. Deemed complete, 20May21.

Phurtive Photography for Exc. 2.2 Covert - awaiting the return of café society, indoors and out. Completed 13Jun21.

One location or background, five different subjects, Exc. 2.4. Preliminary effort completed 13th April 2021.


V&A Library - look at Typologies: nine contemporary photographers - bought 1Nov20, see Typologies page.



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