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Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Andrews, M. (1999) Landscape and western art. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Ordered 9Nov, WoB, £10.79.

Barthes, R. et al. (2010) Camera lucida: reflections on photography. (1st paperback ed) New York: Hill and Wang.

Campany, D. (ed.) (2012) Art and photography. (Abridged, revised and updated) London: Phaidon Press Limited.

Fox, A. and Caruana, N. (2012) Behind the image: research in photography. Vol. 03. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Academia. At:

Clarke, G. (1997) The photograph. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Cotton, C. (2014) The photograph as contemporary art. (Third edition) London: Thames & Hudson.
The 4th edn. has just come out.

Dimbleby, D. and Tate Britain (Gallery) (2005) A picture of Britain. London: Tate.
Ordered 9Nov, Amazon, £5.98.

Jeffrey, I. and Boffin, T. (1981) Photography: a concise history. London: Thames and Hudson.

Mitchell, W. J. T. (2002) Landscape and power. (2nd ed) London: University of Chicago Press.
On my Amazon watch list, £20 new or used

Sontag, S. (2008) On photography. London: Penguin.

Trachtenberg, A. (1980) Classic essays on photography. New Haven, Conn: Leete’s Island Books.

Wells, L. (ed.) (2019) The photography reader. (Second edition) London: Routledge.
I have the 1st edn. 2003.

Wells, L. (ed.) (2015) Photography: a critical introduction. (Fifth edition) London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. At:
I have the 4th edn. 2009

Wells, L. and ProQuest (Firm) (2011) Land matters: landscape photography, culture and identity. London: I.B. Tauris. At:
On my Amazon watch list, but selling for silly prices. It's a good book and the extract needed for Part 1 is online.

Supplementary Reading

Supplementary Reading

Taylor, J. (1994) A dream of England: landscape, photography and the tourist’s imagination. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
£20 s/h.

O’Doherty, B. and McEvilley, T. (1999) Inside the white cube: the ideology of the gallery space. (Expanded ed) Berkeley, Calif: University of California Press.

Campany, D. (2007) The cinematic. London: Whitechapel.
Silly prices s/h.

Farley, P. and Roberts, M. S. (2011b) Edgelands: journeys into England’s true wilderness. London: Jonathan Cape.


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