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Exercise 4.3

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots (‘beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term). The correct white balance setting will be important; this can get tricky –but interesting – if there are mixed light sources of different colour temperatures in the same shot. You can shoot indoors or outside but the light should be ambient rather than camera flash. Add the sequence to your learning log. In your notes try to describe the difference in the quality of light from the daylight shots in Exercise 4.2. OCA, Photography 1: Expressing your Vision, p.85

Initial thoughts

Sunrise and sunset 20Jan19

I have just finished the notes on Part 3, Project 4, Artificial Light. My initial intention is to run this Exercise alongside Ex 4.2 which involves shooting flavours of daylight on Eltham High Street, specifically at the main crossroads. Given my contention that there is comparatively little daylight variation on cloudy, grey January days, I had already planned to include night shots and they overlap to 4.3.

[20Jan19] Quite a sunny day and so I tried the High Street time lapse again, this time shooting every five seconds. Apart from the changing (unfortunately cloudless) sky, I was interested to see how the busy traffic would look at that speed. There was one camera movement as I was switching batteries.
emails to self during shoot
By the end of the two hours, I was freezing.

The five stills are a selection of the source shots. A total of 1250 shots lasts 50 seconds. These are my notes, emailed during the shoot.

Ex 4.3 Ex 4.3 Ex 4.3 Ex 4.3 Ex 4.3
Figures Ex4.3A - F Taken 20th January 2019 on a Lumix G80 with a Lumix 7-14 at 7mm (14 mm equiv.)
Fig. 4.3A time lapse video with photographs taken at 5 second intervals.
Fig. 4.B - F all at 1/320 sec; f/7.1; ISO 800

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