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[7Feb2020] The subject chosen for C&N Assignment 1 was similarly framed shots of a Rodin sculpture and my own body in 6x7 format, printed in pairs and in black and white. Unexpectedly, although I had strayed rather from the brief, no rework was imposed. I had a rework plan ready and will shoot it anyway if time allows.

Dolly Parton
Box A
The Dolly Parton Challenge

The idea is to shoot the Dolly Parton Challenge. I am not a user of social media and so my understanding of the categories is only approximate. There's a page on the subject here.

LinkedIn is a work-related site so I'll wear a suit.

Box B

Tinder is a dating site and I intend to wear a frock. Regular readers may be aware of a decades-long obsession of mine (now somewhat abated) with Mondrian [i]. Amongst the many Mondrian-based artefacts I have collected over the years is a copy YSL dress. I also have a photograph by Frederick Eberstadt of a real YSL dress being worn (I think) by Isabel Eberstadt. I aim to recreate that image as a self portrait (if I can get into the dress with any remaining vestige of dignity - I have never tried it on and it has been in storage for several years).

I don't know the ostensible purposes of Facebook and Instagram but will provide two other, notably different self images.

[8Feb] LinkedIn done today - the contact sheets are here. A choice of two.

DPC - LinkedIn DPC - LinkedIn
Box C
1-2. Dolly Parton Challenge, LinkedIn
8th February 2020


[17Feb] Two done today. The frock is for Tinder, the Kraftwerk tribute for one of the remaining two. Contact sheets here. The Kraftwerk Man-Machine image (fig. D1) was prompted by a Times article [ii] on devotion to the band.
The Mondrian frock (figs. D2 and D3) is explained above.

after Eberstadt
Box D
1. after Kraftwerk Man-Machine for Facebook or Instagram
2-3. after Eberstadt for Tinder
4. Combined

Box E
Tony Blair by Alastair Adams

And I've had an idea for the fourth image. The Independent reported in 2013 [iii] on a portrait of Tony Blair by Alastair Adams. I'll take something similar and use the Photoshop oil painting filter with a heavy hand.

I'll use the Kraftwerk image for Instagram, bottom left, so that I'm facing in and that means me-as-Blair will be Facebook, top right.

And I'm inclined towards B&W for the Mondrian.

[22Feb] Blair for Facebook. Contact sheets here.

My teeth do not work the same way as Blair's — I can do teeth with grimace or no teeth and relaxed: you get the wild staring eyes either way. I had run a second shoot an hour later having realised that.

Box F
1. after Adams' Blair for Facebook
2. Dolly Parton Challenge completed


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