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This page results from the following in the tutor feedback to Asg. 3 (the text has been reordered but the content not altered),

I am going to recommend know that you further develop this interesting submission into a more resolved form – perhaps by producing it in a zine or PDF form before final submission.
(see ad discussed the Newspaper Club: ) tutor feedback, Asg. 3
Zine, draft

[30May20] Here's an early, lowres draft, printed and bound on 31st.

[8Jun] Here's another, nearing completion, in Doves Type.

[30Jun] I have removed those two. Below is the final version (v5.3) which includes Asg.5, just the rework and it's done.

[1Sep] I bound the second and third copies today, so that's done. I originally set up a separate zine blog, but that has now been incorporated with the notes below.

Zine, initial thoughts

[23May20] I wrote in the blog,

I like the idea of creating a magazine on self-portraiture and Brandt but cannot promise not to keep the production in-house. (The workers should, in my view, control the means of production.) However, I will engage with the Newspaper Club to take advantage of their software…

So the main outcome is that I will learn how to create a zine (or, in my terms, a pamphlet). That is quite an exciting prospect. I might extend it to contain the last three assignments and use it as the basis for my final assessment.

blog, 23rd May

I am in the process of reworking Asg.3, showing my images together with their sources and a little explanatory text. This will form part 2 of the pamphlet.

Part 1 will be a reworking of the text around Asg.3. I wrote on the rework page yesterday,

The original text is on the submission page: I will add a few notes here and eschew formal referencing. I might use a similar format in the pamphlet, following an extended essay (1,00+ words?) on self portraiture covering the selfie / s-p divide, authorship, performance and my theory of the disparity of m/f approaches to the genre. Gazes should get a mention. Asg.3 rework

The working title is Brandt, a growing realisation (or maybe gradual). that is intended to be vague, suggestive and descriptive of my journey through Asg.3 and Asg.4 in unequal measure.

The intention is to finish the image rework, write some words, have a play in InDesign and then in Newspaper Club.

The Missing Mondrians
The Missing Mondrians,
Blackbburn, 200?

25th May 2020

I have only created one publication before, a 32-page booklet on Mondrian's lost works. I learned quite a lot on that, most of which I have forgotten, still I have Adobe's InDesign software and Lupton's Indie Publishing (2006) to hand and some more books are on order.

The copyright notice is immense fun to consider.

The binding needs some thought (should a zine be bound?)

I plan a bogus ISBN code with a hidden message.

barcode barcode
1. online barcode generator
2. barcode

zine cover
zine cover

30th May

The first draft is done and ready for proofing. In addition to Lupton's outstanding Indie Publishing, I have an old copy of Brilliant InDesign CS5, used for the Mondrian book. I am sending back Adobe's Classroom in a Book (£35) as it does not cover what I want to know. A s/h How Do I Do That In InDesign arrived today and that's just as helpful as the Photoshop version (i.e. very) and there's an old InDesign Bible on the way. Those, with YouTube will cover all I need.



30th May - Fonts

I would quite like to do the whole thing in Dove font, which I learned about by listening to Lara Maiklem's Mudlarking. The font has been recreated digitially by Robert Green and is on sale here. It is quite expensive and so I am looking for alternatives, see the pic. Veronese seems similar and there are other suggestions: I'll find a free one and take a view on whether to buy Dove.

Image taken by Sam Armstrong
for The Sunday Times


[8Jun20] I have bought Doves font, Robert Green's digital recreation of T. J. Codben-Sanderson which he developed to be used exclusively by Doves Press. He gradually dumped all the type into the Thames when the press closed. The story is told in Lara Maiklem's Mudlarking. It looks good, but it only has regulat text, no italics of bold. The solution for italics is to skew 17 degrees. There is no easy answer for bold so I have just made them a little bigger. See the video above.

Logo v.2

18th June

I have noted elsewhere the possibility of tipped-in prints in the final version. I have ordered some postcard blanks with this in mind. I'll put my OCA rubber stamp on the reverse and include a label on the front, something like "Nick Blackburn OCA#whatever C&N Asg.3"

I would also like to try a 'double page spread'. This is, presumably, easiest where both pages are together (difficult to express - there must be a printers' term for it ). The tricky part is working out where that happens in the A4 PDF alignment and then fitting the image into the layout. If not now, then in the next one.

I think it called the 'well'. In an 8 page booklet it will be 4-5, 12 pages 6-7 — a theory is developing here involving division by 2.

Logo v.2





InDesign Captions,

Printing booklets in Acrobat

InDesign fake italics,

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