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Mirrors or Windows

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Choose ONE of the following:
A) ‘Mirror’
Choose a community that you’re already a part of. It could be your child’s nursery or your regular gym class, but it should be something that takes up a substantial amount of your interest and time.
Create a photographic response to how this group informs who you are as a person.
● What aspects of this group or community reflect on you?
● What do you share?
● How does it function as a mirror reflection of who you are?

B) 'Window’
Use this opportunity to find out about a community that you don’t know much about and tell their story. Get to know them and talk to them; learn by listening and understanding.
Your aim here is to become an insider. You’re beginning as an outsider so it is important to choose a group that you can spend a lot of time with. Negotiation skills and respect are intrinsic to working well with your subjects and are invaluable skills for your development as a photographer.
Be clear about your intentions and involve your subjects in the process in order to obtain the best results.
● What window into this world can you access through your role as a photographer?

In either case you can create as many pictures as you like but, in your reflective commentary, explain how you arrived at the final edit. The set should be concise and not include repetitive or unnecessary images. Be attentive to this aspect of production. Spend some time researching how other photographers seem to edit series of works. There’s helpful advice on editing and sequencing in Maria Short, Context and Narrative (2011) Lausanne: AVA Publishing.
Some questions to consider are:
● What order should the images be shown in?
● Are there too many repetitive images?
● Do you need to let go of earlier images because the project has changed?
● Are you too close to some of your favourite pictures and they don’t fit the sequence?
● Do you need to re-shoot any for technical reasons?
● Are there any gaps that need to be filled?
Send your final series of images to your tutor together with your reflective commentary (500 words) on this assignment.

Before you send your work to your tutor, check it against the assessment criteria listed in the introduction to this course guide and make sure that it meets all the criteria. Make your evaluation available to your tutor. Your tutor may take a while to get back to you. Carry on with the course while you are waiting, but please don’t attempt the next assignment until you’ve received your tutor’s feedback on this one.
Reworking your assignment
Following feedback from your tutor, you may wish to rework some of your assignment, especially if you plan to submit your work for formal assessment. If you do this, make sure you reflect on what you’ve done, and why, in your learning log. I&P, pp.86-7

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Initial thoughts

[20Dec20] In September, while considering all the assignments and just before I started the Melting Pot page, I wrote,

I'm not in any local groups, so it's the window. I have often thought of offering my services to one or more tattoo parlours - that resembles a community. Blog, 65 Sep

The only group I really had contact with pre-Covid was workers in a Swanscombe food bank where I advised their clients on debt and benefits once a week or so. My advice group has not worked since April and I'm not sure when we'll start again, or where, so that's out.
I thought of tattoo parlours when scoping Asg.1, but kept it back for Asg.3 and yesterday London went into Covid Tier 4, so they are all closed for the foreseeable.
While I'm working on the clergy for Asg.2, I thought one of the congregations might include a choir I could Window on but that is now on hold for Covid.
Yesterday, I was reading about Hans Eijkelboom in Part 3 and encountered his Street Fusion: Bristol project hat included a group of people with dogs and I thought of switching to local dogwalkers - there are plenty of them, some will agree, they don't fully meet the assignment specification, but they are a definable group with a common interest and that will have to suffice.

I started today on the was back from the shops with only my iPhone to hand. One request, one positive outcome.

Contact sheets

Simon and Bailey Simon and Bailey
Box A
1-2. Simon and Bailey
20th December 2020

Unlikely to make the final cut because it won't sensibly crop to 6x7, but at least a start has been made. Count 1.

3rd January 2021 - Batch 2

Contact sheets

[3Jan21] Gradual progress since the first subject on impulse. It is not easy to get a decent photograph. I can encounter quite a few dog walkers relatively eaily, but:
1. As an man of age, I will not ask single women or groups of children, especially in the less populated locations;
2. It does not work with dogs off the lead, they are busy elsewhere;
3. They have do be walking towards me and not too quickly and not distracted by, say, a conversation with others;
4. Some just assume that I am saying "what a nice dog", as they say yes and walk on; 5. Not many of the remainder refuse, just Anon on 26th December who insisted, "don't photograph me";
6. Dogs are not good at posing and their owners are nearly always looking at the dogs.

Nevertheless, I'm aiming to get 100.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box B
1. Monty Amy and Adam, 21st December 2020
2. Anon, 26th December
3. Max and Sheeran, 27th December
4. Lunar and Molly with their owners, 27th December
5. Marnie and Gary, 27th December
6. Hurlock and Darren, 1st January 2021
7. Spot and Janet, 1st January
8. Bonny and Dennis, 1st January

[Later that day] I should remember that, despite what I'm telling the subjects ("dogs and their owners"), I am actually targetting dogs and their owners. Suddenly I feel a lot better.
Count 8, 1 anon.

11th January - Batch 3

Contact sheets

10 Jan - 1 request, 1 refusal.

11Jan - Jessie plus 2; Dan and Helen; Millie and Gary. No refusals. Count 11, 1 anon.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box C
1. Jessie plus 2
2. Dan and Helen
3. Millie and Gary
11th January 2021

Batches 4 and 5

Contact sheets

[17Jan] It rained for nearly a week and the only photographs produced for the series was a few distant views to start a new subset which I have named Unmet, subjects with dogs from a distance and no opportunity to converse. Today was pleasant but the paths muddy and the count has risen, but I took more Unmets too, because there are some interesting configurations of subjects in the distance which I have no chance of catching up with. I do not always get the walkers names: when they refuse to say, I call that 'Anon', otherwise (in a rush or whatever) it's eg Rover 'plus 2'.

After writing the above I took a first cut of the images and will mention a new designation. One of the problems in the park is that the dogs are off their leads, excitedly active and unwilling to pose with their 'owners'. There are a few now suffixed 'sans'.

And an update on my patter. It usually runs,
'Do you mind if I photograph your dog?'
then, if affirmative, do it
then 'what's its name?'
and, if they seem co-operative,
'and yours?'.
If they ask what it's for,
'I'm trying to photograph 100 dogs'
and if they ask whether it's for SE9, a local freepaper, I explain that it's for a photo-degree, it's portraits this year and difficult to find subjects with Covid.
If they are seated, the conversation may continue to dogs, dogs' names (one of the owners in fig D8 today had a theory about dog owners who choose 'human' names as opposed to Fido, Spot etc.), or the course or occasionally cameras. If the dog is in motion, then there is not time for such things.

No refusals today, or indeed since 10th Jan.
The Count is 20 with 1 anon, 1 sans and 8 unmet.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box D
1. Unmet, 12th January
2. Unmet, 16th January
3. Unmet, 17th January
4. Buggie, sans
5. Unmet
6. Doris, Betty & Greg
7. Harvey, Gary and Linda
8. Pip, Dylan and Lottie plus 4.
9. Georgia, Gerry and Louise;
10-12. Unmet
13. Paris and Dolly with Vicky & Deine
14. Dolly & Deine
15. Unmet;
16. a distant Paris and Dolly
17. Mia plus 2
18. Meg Plus 3
19. Hope & Pat.
12th - 17th January

21st-22nd January, Batch 6

Contact sheets

[22Jan] A new park where the pace seems slower, the walkers better separated and the opportunities more apparent.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box E
1. Frankie & Louisa, 21st January
22nd January
2. Frank & Kelly
3-4. Unmet
5.Lilly, Crystal & Lisa
6. Sandy plus 2
7. Archie plus 3
8-9. Unmet
10. Zack plus 1
11. Unmet
12. the Moon
13. Lottie plus 2
14. Amber and friend plus 1 each
15. Ralph plus 2
16-17. Unmet
18. Rolf plus 2
19. Simba plus 3
20-22. Unmet
21st - 22nd January

These are all shown full frame. The variation in formats arises from using two cameras.
No refusals, the Count is 31 with 1 anon, 1 sans and 18 unmet, total 53.

23rd January, Batch 7

Contact sheets

[23Jan] Mika & Dexter, Bosco (anon) Bart, Pearl, Becca, Lexi & Lola, Blaze.

No refusals on the day, the Count is 36 with 2 anon, 1 sans and 21 unmet, total 60.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box F
1. Mika & Dexter plus 2
2. Bosca anon
3. Bart plus 1
4. Unmet
5. Pearl plus 1
6. Unmet
7. Becca plus 2
8-9. Lexi & Lola plus 4
10. Unmet
11. Blaze plus 1
23rd January

No refusals, the Count is 37 with 2 anon, 1 sans and 21 unmet, total 59.

26th January, Batch 8

Contact sheets

[26Jan] Person-eye-contact for once this morning, if not the dog, and then a couple who I have seen before but did not ask at the time as they seemed preoccupied.

Kim, the first subject suggested that I should send the snaps to SE9, our local freepaper. That's not the first time this has been mentioned and so I emailed them today.

Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box G
1. Rex plus Kim
2. Niko, Bobby and Lilly plus Gary
3. Joe and Flo plus Jenny
26th January

No refusals, the Count is 40 with 2 anon, 1 sans and 21 unmet, total 62.

2nd February, Batch 9

Contact sheets

[2Feb] text


Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9 Asg3 B9
Box H
1. Dan plus 1 (again)
2. Chico plus 2
3. Thor plus 1
4. Benji plus 1
5. Jasper
6. Honey & Maggi plus 2
7. Margo & Stanley
8. Jassper plus 2
9. Callie
10. Jasmine
11. Fizz plus 1
12. Copper, Anon
13. Elvis plus 1
14-16. Unmet
17. List
2nd February

1 refusal, the Count is 52 with 3 anon, 1 sans and 24 unmet, total 80.

to 17th February, Batch 10

Contact sheets

[17Feb] text


Asg3 Asg3 Asg3Asg3 Asg3Asg3 Asg3 Asg3 Asg3
Box I
1. unmet 9th February
2. Flash plus 1, 10th February
17th February below
3. Bella plus 2
4-5. Mabel and Benson plus 2
6. Betsy and Belle plus 2
7. Bruno plus 2
8. Ernie plus 2
9. Ruby plus John Prescott
to 17th February

No refusals, the Count is 60 with 3 anon, 1 sans and 25 unmet, total 89.


Contact sheets

[date] text


Box D
20th February


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