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Due date: 25th July 2021

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Create a series of work (aim for 7–10 images) which in some way reflects upon the ideas surrounding identity and place that you’ve looked at so far in this course. Use the written word to play a part in its creation.
You may be inspired by a poem, song or a novel or decide to write your own fictive piece. You may draw upon other people’s words via eavesdropping or another source or use extracts from journals. You might find interesting textual accounts in archives in libraries that could inform this assignment. Allow your creativity to be spurred on by spending time with these words and reflecting on them.
Be wary of illustrating your text with pictures and vice versa. Allow for the viewers’ interpretation to be opened up rather than shut down by the pairings. You may decide not to include the actual words in the final production; that’s fine, as long as they have in some way informed the research and development of the concepts and have pushed the imagery further as a result.

Write a short reflective commentary (around 500 words) describing how your chosen ‘words’ have informed your series of images and make this available to your tutor alongside your images.

Before you send your work to your tutor, check it against the assessment criteria listed in the introduction to this course guide and make sure that it meets all the criteria. Make your evaluation available to your tutor. Your tutor may take a while to get back to you. Carry on with the course while you are waiting, but please don’t attempt the next assignment until you’ve received your tutor’s feedback on this one.

Reworking your assignment
Following feedback from your tutor, you may wish to rework some of your assignment, especially if you plan to submit your work for formal assessment. If you do this, make sure you reflect on what you’ve done, and why, in your learning log. I&P, pp.107


[ spellchecked  ]

Initial thoughts

Box A
Jottings 10Mar21

[10Mar21] Text and images. At a loss until now, but as my extra homework for Asg.2, I'm writing about uniforms and this might fly. I wrote in the early hours of this morning. It approximates to:

Uniforms of employment + office
Uniforms of choice
Uniforms of punishment
of rebellion
of protection
of pride in the past (retired army)
Morris men
Teddy boys
Literal meaning

Go back and read Asg.2 as I've only just started it, but there's also the I-Spy angle.

Police interesting - recognition & function, then plainclothes for other tasks Derivative security firms (uniforms of spurious authority
night club bouncers are curious too - reminds of early BBC radio announcers in formal evening dress.

[13Mar] Uniform to be noticed (gilets jaunes) or disguised (camo).

[15Mar] Sporting, cycling, lycra, letts column, football jerseys an industry Stop bossing me! Why I quit the parochial church council (and more tales of modern Britain)

Be wary of illustrating your text with pictures and vice versa. Allow for the viewers’ interpretation to be opened up rather than shut down by the pairings. You may decide not to include the actual words in the final production; that’s fine, as long as they have in some way informed the research and development of the concepts and have pushed the imagery further as a result.

I&P, pp.107

Given my propensity for literalness (literality, textuality) and representation the 'You may decide not to include the actual words' might be wise.

[4Apr] A second idea - start it anyway because it runs into a possible Asg5. Look at the notes in the brown booklet. Eltham EP to SL, suburban development, time lapse new and old.


[1May] Here's the I-Spy People in Uniform (1955).

Box B
People in Uniform, 1955

The book was published the year after I was born, so its contents a familiar to me, but society (and people, and jobs, and uniforms) have changed a great deal in those 65 years.

The uniforms covered in the book are listed below and I will comment on the likely candidates for the Assignment.

# Page Role Comments
1 3-4 Boy scouts 6 types, regular, Sea, Air and Scottish (kilt), hat variants and a Queen's scout. Although I have a DBS certificate for my debt advice work, I think it unwise to start photographing children in uniform or asking permission to do so. If it happened to be around armistice day, I could fill this one, but not until then.
2 5-6 Girl Guides Regular, plus Land, Sea and Air Rangers, Queen's Badges and Lady Cubmasters. see #1.
3 7, 9 Wolf Cubs, Brownies and proficiency badges. see #1.
4 8 Boy's Brigade Regular and Queen's Badge. see #1.
5 10 Girl's Life Brigade see #1.
6 11 Church Lad's Brigade Regular and Juniors. see #1.
7 12 Salvation Army Salvationist and Woman Salvationist. It's a possibility. Christmas would be easier. Do they still collect in pubs on Saturday night? (well, obviously not under Covid restrictions, but would they if they could?
8 13 Church Army Captains and Sisters. I have never heard of these.
9 14-15 St. John Ambulance Brigade. I-Spy lists a Sergeant, Private, Girl Cadet and Boy Cadet. And cadet badges. Armistice day would again be favourite, but maybe they still cover public gatherings, when hey start happening again.
10 16-17 Medical Nurses, District nurse and Ambulance driver. In with a chance here.
11 18-19 WVS & Red Cross is that still a thing?
12 20 Post office Postman & Young postman. No such thing as a telegram these days, but a postperson should be easy.
13 21 on the buses Bus conductor and ticket inspector. I don't think we have those any more.
14 22-23 Railways Ticket collector, Porter, Guard, Station master. Just a bunch in yellow tabards chatting at the ticket barrier these days, but there are the people who wave ping-pong bats to the driver. Steam enthusiasts would be good at uniforms.
15 24-26 Airlines Air stewardess and flight captain. BOAC ranks and insignia. Possible but tricky, without actually flying somewhere.
16 27-28 Coastguards Regular, Captain and District Officer, ranks and insignia.
17 30 Customs Now the Border Force.
18 31 Civil Defence Male and female uniforms
19 32 Fireman Just regular. I'll try asking at my local branch.
20 33 Police Higher ranks. Could be tricky, hanging around New Scotland Yard waiting for Ms. Dick to appear.
21 34 Railway Police It might be Transport police now. Possible.
22 35 Zoo keeper I disapprove of zoos. I'm certainly not paying to enter one, though I may nose around Regents Park.
23 35 Utilities It says, "Water, Gas, Electricity. Many of these employees wear uniform; Count your score for … for any one of them."
24 36 Park Keeper I'm not sure that's a thing any more but you sometimes see council workers tending the flower beds.
25 36 Bandsmen First find a bandstand or a parade. The Sally Army could be the place, were it Christmas.
26 37 RSPCA Still active, but probably only a fleece and a tabard.
27 38 Hotel Commissionaire and Page Boy (I thought it was a Bell Boy). Both possible in the right part of London.
28 39 Bank Messenger Presumably online now, but I'll ask/
29 39 Chauffeur Should be easy enough, but a uniform?
30 40 Religious orders Monks, friars and nuns. Maybe.
31 41 The Law Judges and barristers. Possible.
32 42 Tower of London Warders and guards. Expensive.
33 43 Chelsea Pensioner Possible.
34 43 The Blue-Coat Boy I had never heard of this. It is (or was) a school uniform for some public schools that derived from charitable schools. According to Wikipedia (2019), "Only one school in England, Christ's Hospital, still uses bluecoat uniform as normal day wear."
It might be worth a try, but it's in Horsham.
35 44 Sheriff Back to Wikipedia (2021), "The sheriffs live in the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey". Unlikely but possible.
36 45 Church Bishop, Dean or Archdeacon
37 45 Cap and Gown Academics - unlikely these days, except on graduation.
38 46 School Hat Not a school cap, I-Spy points out, although they are pretty rare these days. Harrow is their example - the other side of town.
num page text text

I'll take a look at the later edition too, but just note the possible candidates - it is not so uniform oriented. And no page numbers. It begins with a lot of overlap, and then,


# Page Role Comments
39 - Blind person With a dog. That's probably not considered good form theses days.
40 - Morris dancers Wrong time of year.
41 - Glasses Pince-nez and a monocle. Unlikely
42 - Facial hair Moustache and a beard. OK.
43 - A Star Personality The illustration looks like Adam Faith signing autographs. We'll see.
44 - Press Photographers Paparazzi
45 - The Jockey Not my thing. I have never been to a horse race.
46 - Sportsman The illustration is a footballer
47 - Clown I'm not much of a one for circuses either, but i might find a street performer.
48 - Scotsman In a kilt. There's usually a busker with bagpipes somewhere in town.
49 - A Character. Any eccentric seems to fit he bill.
num page text text
Box C
People in Uniform, 1955

The penultimate two pages are remarkable. I-Spy racial stereotypes - Scandinavian, Latin, Slav, Indian, Negro, Arab, Mongolian, Indonesian.

[13May] I have created a page of images from the I-Sky book that I'll laminate as A5 and carry around to help explain the project.

The plan is:
• ignore any uniformed children as the nation of an old man photographing children in any setting is likely lead to investigation and possible prosecution, even if a sensible explanation is available . Understandably, as I-Spy is a project for children, they often feature in the targets.
• a trip to Westminster will cover armed police (see Exc. 1.3), railway personnel, St. Thomas hospital, perhaps a bus driver.
• Along the Strand would probably net a hotel doorman, probably not a Bell-bay, maybe a chauffeur.
• Further along for the Royal court might get some legal folk but a judge will be tricky and might need the Spy Pen.
• I'll ask at my local fire station and if they say no, just be on the lookout.
• Similarly, if my postman turns me down, I'll just keep asking others
• text

If I decide to pursue the project, I can have a try on Armistice day at the local War memorial.


[9May] Then and now - drag in Barthes

[27May - Thu] If the weather holds I might venture to town tomorrow for a first run. Stop off at London Bridge on the way for a railway person with a lollipop signalling device. On to Charing Cross for the railway ticket supervisors. Then either along the Strand for the hotel workers and maybe a chauffeur or down to Parliament Sq for armed police and maybe the Scotsman. The Royal Courts of Justice are further along the Strand, but cameras are probably prohibited, requiring the Spy Pen Camera, not deployed since C&N Asg.2.

I notice from the Summary of proposed changes for Academic Year 2021/22 that, "Replace current assessment with 3 new criteria of Knowledge, Understanding and Application. Ensure existing Learning Outcomes are clearly mapped to the new assessment criteria." I'm in support of that, but not, "All reference material will be relocated to OCAlearn resources and will be wholly digital".
I responded to the survey, "I am entirely in favour of trying again with these definitions because both the previous assessment criteria and the current learning outcomes are ill-defined, manifest overlaps and confuse many of the students I have contact with, and confuse me particularly … I strongly oppose [the second] suggestion. It should be online, of course, but the printed course material is a vital learning aid."
I think I'll be an early adopter of the new criteria in my reflections.

[15June] With 5 weeks to go, I need to get organised on this as most targets require travel.
1. I’ll bemoan the lack of proximity to Armistice Day once more before moving on.
2. There used to be flocks of Lycra-clad cycling groups swooping down Eltham Hill at weekends in early Covid days, but I have not noticed any lately. Similarly Eltham Joggers - I’ll check their web site -
3. Chelsea Pensioners, probably not worth the effort of a journey across town on the off chance
4. Beefeaters at the TofL worth a try (I still have a virus deficit there) - concession entry £23 - unlikely. Is it worth trying from the road overlooking the site? it's a long way to walk from London Bridge station.
5. Sally Army - given up, what happened to the common courtesy of replying to emails
6. I’m due a scan at the end of the month at Lewisham Hospital- worth a try there
7-8. Post Office - still needs doing and chauffeurs - to see two chatting I need a posh bun fight, unlikely
9-11. Scotsman, bouncer, road-menders
12. Sunday football - older players - cricket? Good outing for a long lens
13 And I need a recent police shot. Next trip off to HofParl weekday for police, possible Scots busker and there have to be some road works not far away - next time Mrs. B is at the gym (the gym itself does not tend towards lycra). And St Thomas is just over the bridge. Wednesday next week (23rd) is a possibility.

The theory needs to explore how uniform use has changed to be identity of choice rather than a job requirement.

[19Jun] I am drafting the submission text and have just written,
"A motif that appeared early in the project was subjects in conversation and this soon reached the point that I was trying to contrive all of my photographs with two similarly-uniformed people in conversing, combined with a surveillance aesthetic by using long lenses at some distance. At the time of writing (19th June), I am aiming for mostly conversing, uniformed pairs, with the exception of my kilted bagpipe busker prospect."

[20Jun] Eltham Cricket Club ("wg grace used to play for us!") play close to where I live and they have a series of home fixtures over the next few weekends. I can envisage images of batsmen in whites chatting between overs and the slip cordon during overs, perhaps an umpire wearing several players' spare clothing chatting to a fielder: or am I living in the past - it's a while since I have attended a cricket match, the last test match I had tickets for was in Nottingham while my son was revising for GCSEs, so that's nearly 20 years ago (we didn't get to the match). Today's ECC match was rained off, but there should be a chance to use this for the sportsman rather than the footballer featured in the later I-Spy book.
I hope to get a visit to London on Weds 23rd, probably HofParl and environs. See Batch 3.

[28Jun] A good day at Eltham Cricket Club yesterday. With about 4 weeks left, I have two decent prospects, medical and a (non-conversational) bagpiper. I jotted the full range of possibilities today as — Food delivery, Roadworks, Bouncers, Office smokers suits, Hospital, Scot, Street entertainers.

[1Jul] a gradually-evolving definition sprang piecemeal to mind while wheeling the grandson to the shops this morning,

An agreed or merely practical unity or similarity of appearance arising from commonality of employment, belief, activity or purpose.

[4Jul] Two weeks left for photography. The weather forecast for the next 5 days is unpromising.

[11th July] I will prepare my Assignment Submission using the images to hand and adjust if any others materialise before submission on 25th. Then straight on with Asg.5 and mop up anything unfinished. I had always thought I would submit in November but have asked Student Services for clarification of the rules in case I need to delay that. I have to finish Asg.5 and get feedback by 1st October, see Blog.
Asg.4 image selection is here.

[16Jul] I'll submit this next week and run Batch 7 as a rolling batch for any late arrivals. As mentioned in the submission text, this will be an ongoing project for which this assignment is a preliminary report. To town for other reasons today, but encountered police on horseback and a posh wedding at St. Martin in the Fields.


Current Jottings -
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Image selection

Batch #01

Contact sheets

[28May] It is always a relief to make a start, however good the outcomes. As anticipated, this outing took in London Bridge and Charing Cross Stations and then a walk along the Strand for the Savoy Hotel. London Bridge worked well for the pingpong bat signals to the driver. I had intended to photograph barrier staff at Charing Cross, but that's where things got interesting. I was interrupted by a security operative who told me that I could not photograph there. I always travel with my RPS Know Your Rights card (fig. B01) which I duly brandished and was then told I had to sign in and produce identity, following which I was given a Contractor Pass that I hoped to keep as a souvenir, but had to hand back (fig. B01-2).

RPS card Contracctor
Box B01
1. RPS Rights card
2. Station Contractor Pass
img: 1. RPS; 2. Charing Cross

I intend to show, evaluate and select the images for Asg.4 by subject and so they are shown separately as -

Railway - Hotel

I wrote to the local Salvation Army church in nearby Welling to ask about photographing uniforms but, as with most of the Eltham Clergy for Asg.2, no reply. There is some sort of SA HQ near St Paul's, so I might call in.

It will be seen that a leitmotif of chatting is developing, including the armed police images already made of Exc. 1.3. So we will also need links to -

Salvation Army - Police

[29May] My experience at Charing Cross has prompted a decision to photograph at least some of my images furtively and include pairs in conversation. This is drifting, at an early stage, from my original stated documentary purpose but that is, as Fox Talbot observed, one of the charms of the craft. This avenue should not be a commitment and other final outcomes should remain in play.
I suppose it plays into the broader notion of I-Spy, and it does not help that I am watching old episodes of BBC's Spooks (2002-2011) at this time. I am getting to like this idea.

[6Jun] A thought for another target. At Eltham rail station and bus terminus, the bus parking area is overlooked from the main road and this would provide a possible vantage point to photograph bus drivers chatting as they finish their cigarettes before setting off for another round trip.

Box B02
7th June

Batch #02

Contact sheets

[7Jun] I tried the buses today. The drivers seemed less inclined to chat than when I'm waiting at the bus stop.


Batch #03

Contact sheets

[23Jun] I have not yet looked at the Batch 3 images in detail, but the trip to town was a success in terms of subject matter. Some army uniforms at Horseguards, unusually, female ceremonial mounted guards, though not in conversation due to the requirements of the task. I hadn’t realised that Wednesday with PMQs results in more activity and woodwork emergence around Downing St and Parliament Sq than usual at midday. I witnessed (presumably) Boris’s cavalcade sweep out of the former, past a small demonstrating of airline staff. At ParlSq, there were a surprising number of remainers, including the famed Steve (fig. B03.19) with a megaphone and plenty of bile to go around [24Jun I hadn't realised until I heard the news later on that yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the Brexit vote]. On the grass where the media village used to be pre-Brexit (see EyV Asg.3) there were many more airline staff which means a visit to Heathrow will not be necessary. Both pilots (or people dressed there like) and stewards (I imagine we no longer have -esses) were in abundance, including some remarkably red (and excessively made-up) Branson-ettes. I photographed some police but, again, they appeared unwilling and I didn’t press it. On the was home I encountered some St. John’s Ambulance chuggers which ticks two boxes. I look forward to inspecting the contacts.

As there is a range of subjects I will look at the shortlist here first. All made today, they are organised by time within category.

Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3
Box B03
23rd June Whitehall, Downing Street, Parliament Square and en route

The soldiers, figs. B03.1-2 (B03.3 in parody) will probably not make the cut, but had to be photographed as my route passed them.

The police figs. B03.4-7 aren't a patch on the Exc. 1.3 results, but at least they are on the board. B03.4 is the strongest as the middle officer seems to have noticed the camera.

The airline staff figs. B03.8-18 were a gift, especially the contrast between the British Airways pilots (who swept in like a WW2 invading force) and the painted ladies of Virgin. Those in fig. B03.18 were late arrivals, crossing the road as I left: the looks on their faces begin to tell any number of stories, but I expect the posing ladies in red will make the final cut.

The various protesters, figs. B03.19-24 do not really belong in this project but were photographed because they were there. The plastics chap (B03.22-24) was sweet and sad.

The chuggers, figs. B03.25-27, were setting up their stall on the other side of the road as I waited for a bus. It's a uniform.

Asg4 B4
Box B04
at Eltham Cricket Club
27th June

Batch #04

Contact sheets

[28Jun] A productive afternoon at Eltham Cricket Club yesterday, although it did look like being rained off at one stage. There is only one subject so they are processed under Cricket.



Batch #05

Contact sheets

[3Jul] Nothing doing at the hospital last week, the site seemed deserted but I did photograph some food delivery persons while waiting for the bus home. Today (Saturday) I ventured to the High Street, for more food deliveries and the road works, if they worked weekends, but the don't.

There had been an accident on the High Street, a car hitting a motor bike (perhaps on a delivery). This happened yards from the Fire Station and so I photographed fire persons clearing the road on the way up and police persons at the site on the way back.



B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5
Box B05
30th June - 3rd July Eltham Hight Street

Batch #06

Contact sheets

[11Jul] Lean pickings here, a solitary Brighton Beach Guard from 9th, a solitary Church-goer and some unaccompanied scooters today, the prospect of some suited smokers tomorrow.
[12Jul] A day of mixed fortunes. The plan was to get the train to Cannon Street, walk the few hundred yards to my favourite church, St Stephen Walbrook (see EyV) which adjoins a Starbucks that is a few yards from an office building outside which there are always a dozen smokers, take an outside table, set up the camera unobtrusively and sip a slow coffee while ticking another Asg.4 target box. But
The Starbucks, while open, no longer has outside tables and the office, while open, no longer has smokers. I wandered around the area getting a few images of smoking groups and that what I thought was a uniformed Salvation Army officer walked past. I managed to catch him up and he agreed to be photographed — he was actually a Civil Enforcement Officer which is the nearest thing we now have to the Civil Defence Corps (1935-1968, Civil Defence Association, n.d.) .

My current task is to assemble images for submission and so I have started with a trial assemblage of Civil Defence / Enforcement. I might have to abandon my beloved borders.

Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4 Asg. 4
Box B06
1-3. Civil Defence / Enforcement, 12th July
4. Life Guard, Brighton, 9th July
5. Church-goer, 11th July
6-8. Smokers, 12th July
9-10. Unaccompanied scooters, 11th July img: © the author, News Chronicle and Dickens Press

A practical and æsthetic choice will have to be made over how the I-Spy page is shown. Probably at least one full page is needed, as in fig. B06-1, but it is too obtrusive to be shown in every case. B06-2 is unsatisfactory as it is so much wider than the modern image. Perhaps I can use this one as a header image to set the scene and then images of conversational groups matched to I-Spy details for the main body.

B06-4 the life guard does not have any equivalent in I-Spy, nor a colleague to converse with, though the colour scheme has relevance to the consideration of uniforms
B06-5 the church-goer is an aspect of the project that should be pursued, but will not make Asg.4
B06-6-8, smokers, again will be continued, perhaps when more people are back to work.
B06.9-10 scooter culture is an interesting section within uniforms. Duncan James has an exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery, Woking next month and an online show at There is scope for this on the next weekend we are in Brighton as scooters are commonplace.

The only good to come from last weekend is the Civil Defence / Enforcement image, but tentative progress on several fronts.

It is time to wind up the Assignment submission and so on to image selection.


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Subjects - Salvation Army - Railway - Hotels - Police - Post - Buses - Airlines - St. John's - Cricket - Food delivery - Fire Service - Weddings -
Groupings - Conversation
Image selection

1. Salvation Army

[28th May] (repeated)

I wrote to the local Salvation Army church in nearby Welling to ask about photographing uniforms but, as with most of the Eltham Clergy for Asg.2, no reply. There is some sort of SA HQ near St Paul's, so I might call in.

[20Jun] The chances of a SA photograph for this assignment are slim but good in the longer term around Christmas. Entirely coincidentally, I am tidying a spare room at the moment, throwing out piles of old folders and came upon this image from 2001, made for some Photo Diploma course. It confirms my prolonged devotion to black borders.

Asg4 Salvation Army, 2001
Box S01
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 12
2. Salvation Army Christmas band, 2001

2. Railway

[29May from Batch 1 notes] Platform staff seem to have little to do between trains but chat and so the Batch 1 experience soon led this project towards a Conversations theme.

Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4
Box S02
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, pp. 22-23
2-10 28th May 2021

3. Hotels

[29May from Batch 1 notes] the images were largely an unknown quantity until processed later. Fig. S03.5 offers a pleasing assemblage of commissionaires talking with a hint of haste through movement, together with bizarre foliage and intriguing interchange at the outdoor cafe, far left.

Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4
Box S03
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 38
2-8. 28th May 2021

4. Police

[23June] Not the best police photograph made on this course (see Exc. 1.3) but it's in the bag. Fig. S04.3 offers some irony, but the clearer view of the guns in S04.4 makes a better contrast with the Dixon of Dock Green feel of the I-Spy books, figs. S04.1-2.

[3Jul] RTA, Eltham High Street figs. S04.5-6.

Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 B5 B5 B5
Box S04
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 34
2. I-Spy People, 1963, unnumbered
3-4. 23rd June 2021
5-6. 3rd July
7. 16th July

5. Postpersons

[8Jun] A single image of a single postman made on 2nd June. This is a good vantage-place for posties on conversation as the local sorting office is nearby (the PO van in the background is exiting it).

Asg4 Asg4
Box S05
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 20
2. 2nd June

6. Buses

[7Jun] Fig. S06.4 is nearly a decisive moment.
S06.7 is a composite of S06.5 (time 10:47:49) and S06.6 (10:47:46) — I see no problem in editing images in this way.
S06.08 the chat between the drivers is obscured by windscreen reflections. There was no position available that removed the reflection and manipulation has made little difference.

S06.07 has been added to Conversation.

Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4
Box S06
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 21
2-8. at Eltham Rail station and bus terminus, 7th June

7. Airlines

[23Jun] Encountered quite by chance at a protest in Parliament Square.

Pilots' uniforms have not changed a great deal in appearance, but flight attendants (I think that's the term they use) has manifested some change, though whether it should be considered progress is a matter of opinion.

See Batch 3 for further discussion.

Asg4 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3
Box S07
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, pp. 24-25
2-5. Parliament Square, 23rd June

8. St. John's / Chuggers

[23Jun] A chance encounter on Eltham High Street on the way home from town for Batch 3.

I imagine that these people are serving purely as fundraisers rather than volunteer first-aiders, nevertheless, so-called chuggers constitute a modern uniform type and they should be considered in that context.

Asg4 Asg4 B3
Box S08
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 14
2. Eltham High Street, 23rd June

9. Cricket

[29Jun] The subject generates many photographs in a short time, 3 or 4 at the end of every over. I used two lenses, the fixed 21-1365 (equ.) on a Canon SX70 bridge camera (the tool of choice for this project) and, as an experiment, an old Olympus OM 300m manual focus, bought recently on ebay, on a Fuji XE4. The Olympus acquitted itself quite well, although the images are noticeably softer than the Canon.

There are, broadly, two types of image, (i) two batsmen in isolation; (ii) the batsman an a wider scene including some of the fielding side changing ends for the new over. I will include one of each in the Conversations grouping for now.

Asg4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4
Box S09
Eltham Cricket Club
27th June

10. Food delivery

[4Jul] The machinery (almost always a scooterised motor bike with a box on the back) is as much the uniform as the clothes the wear, usually standard biking gear, sometimes with a liveried company insignia. As with the other outdoor jobs on view, there are long periods of inactivity which leads to conversation.

Fig S10.3 proved the neatest combination of conversation, riders and machines, back boxes and the reflection of the Burger King logo from the outlet on the other side of the road (the riders were parked outside KFC).

I intend to show both the I-Spy page and the photograph in the submission, but that will not work here.

Probably the closest 1950s equivalent would be a milkman on his rounds, but they do not appear in the 1955 and 1963 editions I have. has provided the box cover for the 1955 Hasbro game, Merry Milkman.

[15Jul] My growing library of I-Spy titles now includes Road Transport (1960, see easyontheeye) that in turn includes mobile shops - a Fish & Chip van would have been preferable, but now any grocery item can be delivered within hours to your door, the link is valid.

Asg4 B5 B5 B5 Asg4 Asg4
Box S10
1. Merry Milkman, 1955 from
2-3. 30th June
4. 3rd July
5-6. I-Spy Road Transport, 1960

11. Fire service

[4Jul] A lucky (for me) find on the High Street, a collision outside the Fire Station with firepersons in "undress uniforms" (see 1963 extract, fig. S11.2) in attendance. Fig. S11.4 has the best combination of conversation and the clear "FIRE" on the hi-viz tabard.

Asg4 Asg4 B5 B5 B5
Box S11
1. I-Spy People in Uniform, 1955, p. 32
2. I-Spy People, 1963, unnumbered
3-5 3rd July.

12. Weddings

[16Jul] Weddings are a fine example of uniforms of choice and of ceremony. They have long been on my list, but I has waiting for relaxing of the Covid restrictions, due next week, for a pickup in ceremonies and gatherings. I lucked upon a decidedly posh affair today in the grounds of St Martin in the Fields, on my way back to Charing Crustation. There is no direct I-Spy equivalent, but I do not yet have copies of the various I-Spy Churches yet, just waiting for inexpensive examples on eBay.

The photographs were taken through heavy iron railings, to the displeasure of the bouncers who I did not photograph (though bouncers, often in pairs, in their ill-fitting dark suits are on the list). This bunfight was an example of crass insensitivity as the site is opposite a hostel for the homeless who congregate throughout the day in an around the St Martin site. There were opportunities to photograph homeless people sitting outside the fence, sharing canned drinks as the toffs, yards away on the other side shared their champagne, but that is an example of the patronising poverty porn of which I disapprove.

Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4
Box S12
1. I-Spy Churches, listings on eBay, 12th July
2-6. Wedding, St Martin in the Fields, 16th July


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[29May] Fig. G01-1 was made for Exercise 1.3 and was one of the best of that bunch because of the nonchalant combination of idle chat and serious weaponry. I was reminded of this image when working on Batch 1 on 28th and that starting this Chat group. I'll try, but might not make a better one.

RPS Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B3 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 Asg4 B4 B5 B5 B5
Box G01
1. Armed police, for Exc. 1.3, 12th October 2020
2-4. 28th May 2021
5. 7th June
6-10. 23rd June
11-13. 27th June
14. 30th June
15-16.3rd July

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[11Jul] Ideally it will be 7-10 conversational groups, each with an I-Spy equivalent. Let's see how far we get.

See Batch 6 for consideration of how to treat the I-Spy pages. The intention for the first pass is to use Civil Defence / Enforcement as a header image and conversing groups for the main body.

Asg.4 Asg.4
Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4 Asg.4
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