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Your Journey

Your journey may not involve travelling the world or an excursion across Russia, but you might see your journey to the post office every Monday as particularly relevant – or the journey from your bed to the kitchen in the morning.
● Note the journeys you go on regularly and reflect upon them.
● Now photograph them.
Remember to aim for consistency in your pictures. If you choose to photograph all the charity shops you’ve visited in a week, try to photograph them all using the same camera, lens, standing position, lighting, etc. This will help keep your project honed to the subject matter rather than you, the photographer. I&P p.132

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[19May21] Lockdown is beginning to lift but there is little to offer here. I either walk to the shops or just walk (see Exercise 4.5) and every two weeks, or so, I drive to larger shops.

And that's it. I enjoyed making the time lapse for E4.5 so thoroughly that I will do the same for both those journeys.

On the walk to the shops, there is a tree stump that I have been photographing every time I pass it for a few years. It featured in EyV and has been butchered even further since. Aware that there is an assignment for the next course (LP&E) that needs a scene photographed over time, I have adopted another stump too. I'll share those and here's the EyV image (fig. A1).

stump stump stump
Box A
1. Stump Composite, 2019, from EyV Asg. 5
2. Stump 22nd April 2021
3. Another stump 21st April 2021


[31Aug] I photographed the walk to the shops on 12th June but have only now processed the time lapse. I have experimented a little with the medium and the results are here.

As I have had to apply for LPE a month-or-so early, the driven journey will not be photographed.

I&P Exc 5.3 References

Boothroyd, S. and Roberts, K. (2019) Identity and place. Barnsley: Open College of the Arts. [I&P]

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