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LPE: The Book

[1Dec22] The first draft of the LPE Book was completed today, for once in time to be included in the Assessment submission.

There's a neater version here.

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[15Nov22] Ready to roll. There's a list of likely inclusions for LPE FA which, plus UTP will form the contents candidates for the LPE Zine - from Asg6 -

There are notes on my Assessment Page on which exercises or other work may be applicable to each LO. Likely candidates are:

LO1: Exercises 5.3 Unpacking, 5.5 Photography and Advocacy.

LO2: Exercises 3.2 Postcard views, 3.4 A Persuasive Image, 4.5 A Personal Voice, 5.1 Eco-Criticism, Part 5 Research Task 3, Exploring Hashtags.

LO3: Exercise 2.2 Explore a road, Assignments 2 A Journey and 5 Self directed, and, perhaps Treatment, as yet unfinished.

LO4: Exercises 2.3 Is Appropriation Appropriate?, 2.3 Sontag reading, 1.2. Museum & Gallery, 1.5 The contemporary abyss, 3.6 The Memory of Photography, Assignment 4 Critical review, and perhaps the Bob Zahn Evaluation

LO5: Assignment 1 Beauty & the Sublime, Treatment (unfinished) and descriptions of the LPE chat group and the SU courses, working at the Courtaulds etc.

So, a selection of those, UTP, and perhaps a glossary / history, including in particular moderninst, post-moderninst, post-photography based on this and Bull 2010.

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Photographic Motivations

I started yesterday with an editorial taking issue with LPE for being entirely eco- socio- politico- centric and consequentialkly dismissive of entirely representative landscape images. That sprang from a Venn diagram that had bubbled to the surface, right. This will become the first essay and tie in with UTP.

The Asg4 essay will be the main component with a few images from each of the others - the key lens-based assignment is #5 which is all video slideshows.

Id like something about the Denes Wheatfield project as I was deeply affected by this. Maybe 5.5 Advocacy.

3.2 postcards takes up the theme of the editorial.

5RT3 Hashtags includes creating an NFT.


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