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LP&E:Part 4 - Landscape and Identities

Project 1 - Preparing to Write a Critical Review

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In photography, discovery and recognition together constitute a special form of creation, for something is brought into the consciousness that was not there before. Paul Vanderbilt in EW:100, Centennial Essays in Honour of Edward Weston, 1986, p.129.

Project Page Started Complete
4.1 Preparing to Write a Critical Review 134 9 Mar 15 Mar
4.2 ‘British-ness’, Collective Identities and the Countryside 139 15 Mar 16 Mar
4.3 Personal identities and multiculturalism 144 16 Mar 27 Mar
4.4 Landscape and Gender 153 28 Mar  
4.1 Critical review proposal 138 14 Mar 15 Mar
4.2 The British landscape during World War II 143 16 Mar 17 Mar
4.3 Researching gender and landscape 156 3 May 9 May
4.4 Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men 157 12 May 26 May
4.5 A Personal Voice 159 9 May 9 May
4. Critical review 160-61    
Patrick Faigenbaum, Nude, 1975 na   9 May  


[9Mar p.135] Places have various aspects and opinions of the places and those aspects may differ, both between and amongst locals and outsiders. These, and how it is represented help to form its identity. The cmat. says,

Cultural, historical and industrial factors of course play a key role in shaping the identity of a place and its people; however, the environment and ecology are equally significant influences. LPE p.135

and gives the example of Dana Lixenberg’s Last Days of Shishmaref in Part 3.

Jacob Aue Sobol
b: 1976 Copenhagen
Site - Wikipedia - Guardian
Box A
Jacob Aue Sobol
from Sabine, 2004
img: Sobol

Then Jacob Aue Sobol’s work Sabine (2004) that comes with a trigger warning, the first I recall. Sobol's oeuvre is to photograph local communities that he has come to know. His first, Sabine, concentrated on the life of one girl and followed two years living in the Greenland village of Tiniteqilaaq.

Critical Review

[14Mar] On choosing a subject, the cmat. states,

• Researching and writing your essay will require time and attention, so choose something that inspires you and which you’ll enjoy exploring in some depth.
• On the other h and, if there’s an aspect of landscape discussed thus far that has troubled you in some way, and you wish to challenge yourself further, then perhaps trying to gain a better understanding or questioning existing critiques might b e a potential approach for you.
• Rather than focusing on just one individual, you may wish to discuss the work of a related group of practitioners, a movement or another theme within landscape practice. Any of the headings from the various parts of this course would be appropriate essay topics or starting points.
• Your critical review must relate to your current practice or proposed future bodies of work. This will help you to contextualise your practical work.
• Your essay should be informed by critical texts (books, journals, interviews, blogs, etc.) by established writers and practitioners. Choose a subject and practitioners that aren’t too obscure so that you don’t have problems accessing research material. LPE p.136

then a page of sound, standard advice on method - plan, Harvard, etc.

Exercise 4.1

This is shown on a separate page.


[15Mar] Individual opinions differ on various places and photoprojects can reflect those differences.

LP&E 4.1

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