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The Landscape Zine Project
Introductory briefing 13 April 2023, project finish 31 December 2023
The zine (pronounced zeen) is an exciting and different way to get your photography project seen. Descended from the fanzine with its low-tech look and do-it-yourself feel, today’s zines have risen from the ranks of amateur publishing to a phenomenon enjoyed by photographers of all standings and genres.
Whilst never restricted to a single shape, size or format, photozines generally contain a small project; are printed quickly and cheaply and are the polar opposite of expensive, luxury self-publishing. Great for giveaways, zines are also an ideal vehicle for concluding those photographic projects that seem to linger on desperate for an ending.
In Tim’s introductory briefing, you will get to see a wide range of inspiring photozines and learn how easy it is to put one together using Lightroom, Affinity Publisher or Photoshop. We will look at all the options available to you for home and commercial printing together with different papers, binding and costing it all out.
For those unable to attend the briefing a shorter recorded briefing will be made available afterwards on the website.
A follow up review and Q&A session with Tim will be held in autumn 2023 (date to be confirmed). We will be encouraging you to submit a PDF file of your zine for review by Tim on the evening. Depending on numbers we may need to restrict the reviews to 25 zines.
Information on how to submit your PDF for review in the autumn and your printed zine in January 2024 will be provided in due course.
The only limitation, apart from your imagination, is your zine concept needs to fit with our definition of landscape, which is “Landscape photography is defined as the photographic portrayal of all elements of the land, sea and sky whether natural or built or influenced by human endeavour. Examples include mountains, hills, farmland, coasts, bodies of water, forests and populated and industrial areas”.
Tim is Senior Lecturer in Photography at Chester University. His specialist subjects are photography production and artist's publishing. Tim teaches on all levels of the BA Photography programme with special responsibility for practice based modules, and also contributes to the MA Fine Art programme. Tim has had many photography books published, and has been teaching RPS workshops for a number of years. He is a member of the RPS Photobook Distinction Panel.
The project is being managed by Fiona McCowan FRPS. Fiona was awarded a FRPS in 2021 for her handmade photobook In the Offing. She is also a member of the RPS Photobook Distinction Panel.
In 2024 a selection of the submitted zines will be chosen by a panel and will be displayed in a web gallery after the project closes. Other options may be considered such as a special edition Landscape Group magazine. The Landscape Zine Project, RPS Landscape Group


[22Apr23] Title Eltham Palace, serial playground

Panoramas of the exterior faces of EP. Printed as 2-page spreads with text and squarer images to fill the page.

[10May] EPal 3 ages — Roof, Hall, Playground.

front cover
final draft

final draft

[5Sep23] The final draft is complete. Awaiting instructions for submission of the pdf for the first response




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