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Living with Buildings

12th January 2019

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A tutor-led visit to the Wellcome Collection for their exhibition Living with Buildings: Health and Architecture.

There was not much in the way of photography in the exhibition but, remarkably, there was Gursky's Paris, Montparnasse, 1993, on loan from the Tate. This photograph had a profound effect on me when I first saw it in Tate Modern, shortly after it opened, and it was a great pleasure to see it again. Photography was frowned upon in the exhibition (there are some good images on the link), but I made a surreptitious exception for the Gursky.

Gursky Gursky

1. Dave, one of the EyV Sarahs and Gursky's Paris, Montparnasse

2. detail

There were more videos than photographs of note on show and, as disussed with the group afterwards, some with commentary were very effective and made some students thnk how to integrate audio with their work.

Indeed, it was the opportunity to meet other students, especially those on EyV and other snappers' courses that was the most important part of the outing. On the exhibition, there was general agreement that it ignored financial and most sociological considerations in the equation, but that as the Wellcome Collection is health-oriented, this was understandable.

The lack of decent housing provision throughout the period the exhibition covered (Dickensian times to the current day) was generally deplored.

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