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[12Dec20] There are currently (at least) four books pages on the site — the original books; the sources pages; books for I&P; and the Standard Six. This needs sorting out, but in the meantime, this is a crosslink.

[16Dec] A solution is under way. A new WP website has been created, BAPhotRef (perhaps I should have gone for Refs, but it's too late now, that £1 is spent). I am in the process of transferring all the data from sources and will then carry on the capture the indeces of the Standard Six, the course recommended reading list and other favourites and new acquisitions - WP is quite good at searching but a more useful display of the results might be sought.


[16Mar21] One to add to the Std6 is Graham Clarke's The photograph. It has the winning combination of a pedigree; a (brief-ish) opinion on most things; and a comprehensive index.

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[24Nov20] A new idea.

I'm forever looking up names and concepts and looking for articles from which to plunder quotes. I must jave bought more than 100 books since starting the course and I need an easy way of access. In the longer term, I want to bulid a database in Wordpress, but for now, I will just start assembling mu sources.

Here's the plan. For each new book as it arrives and then gradually catching up with existing stock:

  1. 1. scan the front cover and list of contents (that's usually a list of artists covered or essays included)
  2. 2. convert the readable contents to text in Acrobat
  3. 3. set up a subsidiary page for each author which will include the a picture of the cover, the Harvard reference and the listed contents.

For example, we'll have the photographers featured in Szarkowski's Mirrors and Windows

Then, I need to devise a method of pulling it all together.

The Books etc.

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Jay, Bill (2001) Sun in the blood of the cat. Tucson, Az.: Nazraeli Press.

Jay, Juliet, Louise and Hannah (2018) British photographers photographed: Bill Jay. Southport: Café Royal Books.

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