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Laing (2016 pp. 110, 190) suggests a tripod, cable release, compose for any background buildings of interest, manual focus on where the fireworks are expected, manual mode, minimum ISO, f/11, 4 seconds. Turn off the long exposure compensation thing (ibid. p. 110). Ajust aperture and shutter as appropriate.

Light trails

Laing (2016 p. 124) suggests an elevated viewpoint, looking along the trails rather than side-on. A tripod and cable release if available, long exposure off. Start with ISO 100. f/8 and 15 seconds, adjust as necessary.

the Moon

Laing (2016) accounts for 3 out of 3 entries so far. Page 158 is the main moon entry. With a 2000m (equiv.) lens, it would fill the screen. Rather than a full moon, it is best to shoot in the first or last quarter phase to provide more surface detail.
Manual exposure, start at 100 ISO, f/5.6 and 1/100th. Watch out for motion blur as the moon "moves" (or the Earth does, depending on one's belief system).





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